The magnificent recurve bow


The Samick Red Stag is an excellent recurve bow and it has all the qualities that can make it one of the most sought after recurving bow.This left handed recurve bow has many excellent features and plus points such as.

  •    The look of the bow is excellent with a gorgeous, excellent finish.
  •    The bow is very durable and has been very successful in pleasing its customers.
  •    The Samick Red Stag shots with great precision and shoots absolutely straight.
  •    The bow is absolutely imposing to look at, and it is majestic as it is mainly made of off-white ash walnut wood, rosewood, and hard maple wood.
  •    The bow comes with the limbs and the riser and also the hardware of the bow.

The bow comes with all its parts in the bow package such as the limbs and the risers and the hardware. The bow is to be assembled after the package is opened. The assembling of the bow, fortunately, is a very easy process and can be completed in no time at all if the instruction manual is followed properly. If you are wondering what all accessories you can fit into the bow, the answer is this that Samick does not come with any predrilling in the device for the installation of accessories. But there can be the installation of accessories don if a bow mechanic is consulted.

This excellent recurve bow is available in different draw weights ranging from as less as thirty to sixty. The bow is amazingly smooth and pulls back with sheer ease. The best part of this excellent recurve bow is this that it is extremely accurate and very inexpensive.

This majestic bow is also an excellent hunting bow, and if you are wondering whether u can go about your hunting expeditions with it then the answer is yes, most certainly. The bow if tuned in a proper manner can be used absolutely discreetly on a variety of wild animals such as deer or elk. This bow can be for reasons enough the best option for the hunters.

The bow can also be used by new archers and handled with sheer ease the bow as mentioned earlier is made of hardwood and therefore is very hardy and extremely durable. The other great thing about this recurve is this that the tips are reinforced and therefore they are totally compatible with various Bowstrings including FastFlight. The bow is not at all heavy and is extremely comfortable to use and therefore can even be used by people who are new in the field. The bow can be a little noisy initially but if it is silenced well using silencers and padded using horse hair the bow can be a very quiet one.

Therefore, if you are looking to get the best recurve bow for you then this bow the Samick’s Red Stag Recurve Bow can be the best and most compatible yet inexpensive option for you. The bow is an excellent one with almost all the qualities that one looks for in a recurve.

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