Tips For Buying a Band Saw

One of the most popular as well as the multi-faceted tools which you can own is known as the e-band saw. You can use it for cutting long straight cuts using a fence, it can make curved cuts, it can rip and it can also make circular cuts. Are you aware of the fact that the wood cutting blade works very well when cutting light gauge aluminum?

The best portable band saw which you select is a very strong and very powerful tool which uses a continuous band of toothed blades. The blades are available in a wide array of metals for cutting different materials in different ways. Also, while buying, you should have a look at the best band saw accessories as well in order to avoid confusions later on.

It is on the edges of the two wheels that the band moves. There are also many band saws that ride on three or four wheels. One of the major advantages of using a band saw is that it makes cuts that are totally uniform and smooth. It is used for various tasks, including Woodworking and Metalworking

When to Use a Band Saw

They are used specifically for following reasons:

  •    Cutting curved shapes and materials
  •    Cutting of irregular surfaces
  •    For making precise, straight cuts

When you go about shopping for a bandsaw, you will have to take into consideration certain factors. These are:

Motor Size: Drive motor size should be a minimum of 1 HP and preferably 2 HP and larger. It is okay to run a larger motor at half power instead of running a smaller motor at 90% power.

Sturdy Table: The table of the best portable band saw should be durable as well as large enough to provide for the material being cut. You should not use metal tables that flex. This is a sign of a cheap band saw. You will also not be happy with it in the long run. An excellent y band saw has a cast iron table. It also does not have any bending, flexing, or movement at all in the cutting table.

Throat Size: The size of material which you can cut is based on the throat dimension which is determined by the diameter of the guide and drive wheels meaning that 14” band saw which has 14” diameter wheels will handle up to a 14” cutting width. There will also be times when the smaller band saws use three smaller sized wheels to increase the cutting width.

Wheel Size: This is the most vital feature in a band saw. In order to prove that this feature does matter the larger band saw wheels are better when compared with the small wheels. Asides from this the two wheels are better than three. The band saw blades last longer when they aren’t pulled over too small a radius.

Last but not the least; you will be able to purchase quality band saws at a steep price can easily cost into the thousands of dollars. You can purchase the band saws of Jet, Craftsman, Grizzly, and Powermatic. There are others but these are these are the ones to be considered to provide a lot of bang for the buck.

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