High-back seats with Booster- your child’s guardian angel

Booster seats are an absolute necessity once your tiny little babies start growing up. Picking up booster seats can be an ordeal, and the parents might find themselves absolutely clueless and bogged down by a variety of questions. But much of the problem can be eased out if guidelines are followed and a few questions answered.

Firstly, if you are wondering what booster seats are? Here is the answer. They are baby safety seats that can be fitted on the seats of your car to elevate your child and allow the child to be securely held by the harnesses and belts. The main purpose of these booster belts is to provide safety and security to your child. So while picking up booster seats the question of safety is of utmost importance. And that’s why you must consult many good high back booster seat reviews.

    The question that arises is what are the different kinds of booster seats?  The answer is pretty simple. There are two main kinds of booster seats

  •    High back booster seats
  •    Backless booster seats

The names itself suggest the basic difference between the two. The high-back booster seat has cushioned sides and padded backs, these highbacks are undoubtedly more secure. The backless ones come just with the lower sitting area but no back or side guard, they are lighter and more convenient to handle but somewhat leave the back unguarded.

   The question that invariably crops up next is which booster seat is the one that should be opted for? It is needless to say that high back booster seats are the ultimate choice when security is the main question. They have a lot of benefits like the protection of the back, head rest area to shield the head and much more.


When buying booster seats it is absolutely necessary to go through high back booster seat reviews to pick up the correct seat for the child.  The high back booster seat reviews reveal the top five high back booster seats that are exactly what you are looking for.

  •    The Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat with latch system- these booster seats come at a good price and are ultra-safe. They have excellent sturdy buckling and have unique adjusting system. They are also available is a variety of colors
  •    Dino Monterey- this high back booster seat is extremely safe with a deep aluminum panel in the side walls. There is the added benefit of EPS foam and head rest.
  •    The Britax Parkway SGL G1.1- this model may pinch your pocket a little more than the other ones, but it is every penny worth your money. It has impact absorption due to a durable base. Safecell protection and is extremely easy to install.
  •    The RECARO performance booster- is the other much-acclaimed booster seat. It has side impact protection, enhanced wings for protection, removable liner areas and built-in cup holders.
  •    The Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster car seat- this seat can be used as a backless unit. There are energy absorbing liner pads and six different height adjustments. Moreover, the covers are absolutely washable.

So if your toddler is growing up every passing moment it’s about time to get the best seat to ensure a safe journey for your little ones.

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